Empowering Scientists

Our science backgrounds, technology expertise, open source involvement and enthusiasm make us an excellent partner for science projects

We love science - some of us have research backgrounds and advanced degrees, and nothing gets us more excited than science projects and the technology challenges they bring. Our expertise is broad and deep, spanning Python, front end web development, databases, cloud deployments, security, code optimization, performance analysis, and integrating enterprise search and GIS on complex web projects. We are also open source experts, everyone on our team is involved with open source projects as core developers and contributors.

Screenshot of Griduniverse game

Case in point: Dallinger, a tool to automate social science experiments that use combinations of automated bots and human subjects. We played a major role bringing the vision of the principal investigators to life, and mentored a new open source community. Plus we got to play Griduniverse, against each other and against the bots.

Screenshot of Go Botany simple key

We also love empowering citizen scientists. The goal of our NSF-funded project with the New England Wild Flower Society {now Native Plant Trust) was to make technical plant identification easy for botanists and lay people alike. The result was Go Botany which provides a simple key that anyone can use, a dichotomous key for experienced botanists, teaching tools, and extensive information and photographs of individual species.