Our Services

Jazkarta builds extraordinary websites for non-profits, universities, and research institutions

We Like Solving Hard Problems

We don't do out-of-the-box

We love empowering scientists and solving the hard technology problems that come with their projects. We love developing specialized science and humanities sites and capturing the bibliographic, geographic, image, and other data that goes with them. And we love helping nonprofits serve constituents by making it easy to navigate a process while capturing data in a back end database.

We Like Using the Right Technology

We use the right tool for the job

We specialize in Python, a robust and secure open source language popular with scientists and geeks. If you have a website with lots of content and many editors, it's a job for an enterprise content management system. If your problem is managing process rather than content we can choose the right lightweight web framework to build a custom application. If you have a Salesforce.com back end, we know all the tricks for integrating it. And to make your site easy to manage we do automated cloud deployments.