Plone Hosting

Let us deploy your Plone website to OpsWorks, an admin-friendly, scalable and highly redundant hosting infrastructure

For deployments of large, complex Plone CMS websites our clients are often best served by Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), which offers superior flexibility and more features than other options. To meet this need, we have developed a robust Plone cloud hosting toolset using Amazon’s OpsWorks application management system. OpsWorks lets you model the different components of your application as layers in a stack, and map your logical architecture to a physical architecture. Jazkarta has created OpsWorks layers to manage all aspects of a modern Plone installation and we have made this code available as an open source project.


There are many benefits to hosting your Plone using Jazkarta's OpsWorks stack:

  • Seamless disaster recovery with repeatable deployments
  • Easily create and destroy isolated staging and testing servers that are cloned from production
  • Pay-for-what-you-use metered pricing
  • Launch new clients during peak periods and shut them down when no longer needed
  • Reduce bandwidth and load time for static assets
  • Ensure adherence to best practices

Jazkarta can help you deploy your Plone site to OpsWorks as part of a consulting engagement or a Plone support plan.

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