EdX Components

Building blocks for edX courses

XBlocks are edX's course component architecture. New course features such as a new type of video are implemented as XBlocks. Educational institutions can write their own XBlock components which can be plugged into an edX installation. An expedited review process is available for adding custom XBlocks to edX instances hosted by the edX consortium.

By creating a new XBlock in an open source code repository, it can be shared with other institutions and the entire edX community benefits. Jazkarta has created the following open source XBlocks:

  • Staff Graded Assignment - Allowing students to upload files for instructors to review and grade (now included in Opex edX distributions)
  • JSME XBlock - A molecular structure problem type (available at https://github.com/jazkarta/edx-jsme - and see the project below)

If you need a custom XBlock developed but don't have in-house resources available to write it, we can help.