EdX Core Development

Adding features to the edX platform

MOOC is a massive open online course. Open edX is the leading open source MOOC platform and it is built on Python and Django, technologies that Jazkarta specializes in. It was developed by edX, an online learning initiative founded by a consortium of leading educational institutions that includes MIT, Harvard and UC Berkeley.  The consortium is committed to an open source vision that supports non-profit opportunities for expanding online education.

The Open edX code is freely available and it is possible to fork your own copy and make any changes you like. However we don't recommend working this way. EdX is a quickly evolving platform, with regular releases containing new features. By diverging from the core code base it becomes much more difficult to upgrade to newer versions. Instead, we recommend working within edX's plugin architecture [link] as much as possible, and if you need a new core feature, implementing it in such a way that it can be contributed back. Doing that requires communication and coordination with the Open edX team.

Jazkarta was one of the first commercial companies to offer edX development services and we are among a handful of firms that have made significant contributions to core edX code, including:

  • Individual Due Date Extension - Allowing instructors to grant due date extensions for specific students for specific assignments
  • LinkedIn integration - Allowing students to publish their edX achievements on their LinkedIn profile
  • Custom Courses for edX - A major contribution allowing instructors to re-use MOOC  content in their own classes

Through these projects, Jazkakarta has gained extensive technical experience working with edX, and we have also gained experience working with the Open edX team. We know how to shepherd new features through the  planning and review process, which is an important part of contributing to Open edX.