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Upwardly Global
San Francisco, California

Supporting the mission of helping skilled immigrants and refugees enter the US workforce

We are happy with the good work you guys have done to set up our website so that it is easy to maintain!

Aaron Winters, Manager of Strategic Operations


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Upwardly Global Website

Upwardly Global's mission is to eliminate employment barriers for skilled immigrants and refugees and integrate this population into the professional U.S. workforce. Upwardly Global creates employer partnerships that benefit from access to the 1.5 million college-educated immigrants. They also provide customized training and support for these new Americans to give them an equal opportunity to find and secure skill appropriate opportunities and achieve their full economic potential in the U.S.

The Upwardly Global website provided information about the organization, their services, and opportunities to get involved, but needed an overhaul. The goal was to increase the impact of their mission of eliminating barriers to workplace entry for immigrant and refugee professionals.

Jazkarta helped Upwardly Global implement their new website design and migrate all content to the Plone content management system. Plone was chosen because of its ease of use for staff and its Salesforce.com integration features. We used PloneFormGen to make staff-editable forms for site visitors to request information and we integrated job seeker and volunteer applications, event calendars, event registration forms and online surveys with their Salesforce database.